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 You can make events!

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You can make events! Empty
PostSubject: You can make events!   You can make events! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2009 4:45 am

This is the forum where you can make events that you will host for other listeners. While this sounds straight forward, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Make sure you find a time that agrees with your calendar. Obviously if you can’t make it then the event won’t go off.
2. Post about a week in advance. This give people time to schedule and it gives time for people to see your event.
3. Use a clear format for your event. The best I have found is just a simple who, what, when, and where. Don’t forget to include a time and time zone. For example:

Who: Nearswordman/Grant will host
What: Castle Wars Bash
When: December 24, 2012 12am central time
Where: Meet in the Castle wars lobby

If you need ideas you can look in the "the closet" section of the event ideas forums. Also mini games make great events. You can also be creative.

Have fun with events!

You can make events! Nearswordman
You can make events! Rune_g11
You can make events! Nearswordman
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You can make events!
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