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 Username Discussion

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PostSubject: Username Discussion   Username Discussion Icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 5:10 pm

Okay, first of all, I made this topic so that people on the forums can add each other in-game. I know a lot of people here probably use their usernames on RS as their forum usernames, but I think it would be better to have a sort of "reference" to find everyone's username.

The account that you'll find me on 90% of the time is Avalon512. I'm not going to post my combat level; you can find those updates in the topic "Combat Level". The funny thing is, started MMOing from the Maid Marian game Sherwood, which my brother and I levelled our character on to 47, which is pretty high for that game. When my brother quit playing Sherwood and started playing RuneScape (after a recommendation from his friend), I though the way characters looked was cooler, so I made a character on RS to test it out. I wasn't really thinking about my username- I just like the word Avalon. I originally was going to do Avalon511, but I though 512 had a better ring to it. Wink When I finished the Tutorial I was hooked, so... Here I am today. geek
My other accounts are...
- Azackar (This was my "backup account" that I created and is now level 42 or so; my brother told me that I should make a second account in case my main got hacked.)
- Tren 1000 (This is my level 3 skiller- if you haven't made an account like this, it's quite a lot of fun to see people tease you about being a level 3 when you have 300 total.)
- 13th Dynasty (This name was completely random. confused This is my magic pure, the first girl account I created, with level 37 Magic.)
- Echo Honor (This account I've considered a "sloppy" range pure because I got it 2 Prayer. Technically it's a range pure, though [39 Ranged].)

RuneScape Usernames: Avalon512, Tren 1000, 13th Dynasty, Azackar, Echo Honor
Currently: Training Crafting on Avalon512 ---- Skiller Clan Chat: Tren 1000

Username Discussion Avalon512
Username Discussion Avalon512
Username Discussion Avalon512
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PostSubject: Re: Username Discussion   Username Discussion Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 10:12 pm

My usernames not that much a story. For some reason, being born on Haloween screwed with my brain, and I like all scary stuff (I'm not goth or emo though) so I thought I would do grimangelofdeath, since I do that for everything. Unfortunatly, that wouldn't fit, so I tried Grim reaper, then Grimreaper, then Grimreaper 13, then grim reaper 13, then I got tired of writing the same numbers and letters down, so I tried removing some of the letters, and eventually got the one I'm stuck with today. Grmanglodth. It's ugly and crude, but It does the job.
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Username Discussion
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