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 The new "Development Diary"

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The new "Development Diary" Empty
PostSubject: The new "Development Diary"   The new "Development Diary" Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 4:38 pm

Long story short, it's not really a Development Diary like we RS players know. I remember viscously awaiting the next installment in the HD graphics update DDs or the Summoning 4-part series. This is nothing like the old DDs! The old ones told behind-the-scenes details of how the entire crew came together to put out an update. This is basically what could have been in a March Behind the Scenes article.

Bring back BTS and better DDs!

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The new "Development Diary" Avalon512
The new "Development Diary" Avalon512
The new "Development Diary" Avalon512
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The new "Development Diary"
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