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 My Woodcutting training strategy

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My Woodcutting training strategy Empty
PostSubject: My Woodcutting training strategy   My Woodcutting training strategy Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2008 5:52 pm

Here goes...
Think Draynor is always too crowded?
Think banking your willow logs is a waste of time?
Well, then, I think it's time for you to try...
Avalon512's fool-proof Woodcutting levelling strategy!

1. Wear whatever outfit you want, but outfits that weigh little or nothing are preferred.
2. Wield your woodcutting axe, if possible, and head to Rimmington.
3. Head just southeast of the tiny town and chop down logs from the ginormous patches of willow trees.
4. When you get any inventory, just run into the town, click Trade Shopkeeper, then click Sell All for your inventory of willow logs.

Just keep on chopping until your Woodcutting level is at what you desire. There's no banking required, so you can stay there as long as you want!
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My Woodcutting training strategy
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