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 Good Woodcutting levelling

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Good Woodcutting levelling Empty
PostSubject: Good Woodcutting levelling   Good Woodcutting levelling Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 3:56 pm

I have recently discovered a very good place to cut oaks that's real close to a bank. If you go to the Fally east bank, you can see a lone oak tree standing just to the northwest. If you go on World 1, or whatever the highest-populated world you can get into is, the tree spawns very fast, and since no one chops it, you can level up very fast. I cut at this place with my skiller, Tren 1000, so you might see me there if you're on a high pop. world (feel free to drop by and say hi! Wink ), and I've already levelled him to 37 Woodcutting since starting, so I'd highly recommend chopping there.
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Good Woodcutting levelling
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