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 Two Years of RuneScape

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Two Years of RuneScape Empty
PostSubject: Two Years of RuneScape   Two Years of RuneScape Icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2009 9:54 am

Mid-June is my two-year anniversary of playing RuneScape. My parents somewhat-limit me to a half-hour a day, so it's not as impressive as some other two-year-old accounts.
My highest skill in XP at the moment is Strength. My Attack level is also 70 but has 4k less XP. My lowest skill in F2P is Runecrafting. I've always thought that JaGeX scammed us F2Pers with releasing a perfectly good skill with RS2 but limiting us to only elementary and body runes to craft, so my level remains at 30, which is where it'll probably sit until I become a member.
Just today I passed 5m total XP. I think that's pretty cool. Very Happy That averages out to about 6.8k XP gained per day. With my total level of 923, the average is 1.3 levels per day. I also have an average of 312.5k XP in each skill. That's obviously not what I have in every skill, though.
My highest skill ranked in the highscores is Firemaking (level 61), with a rank of about 597,000. I have only two more skills ranked in the top 1 million: Magic and Cooking. However, Mining and Smithing are both very close.

That's my account after two years. In the first year, I ended but a simple level 50-some. Now, at level 83, I can look back and call myself an ├╝ber-n00b. Cool

RuneScape Usernames: Avalon512, Tren 1000, 13th Dynasty, Azackar, Echo Honor
Currently: Training Crafting on Avalon512 ---- Skiller Clan Chat: Tren 1000

Two Years of RuneScape Avalon512
Two Years of RuneScape Avalon512
Two Years of RuneScape Avalon512
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Two Years of RuneScape
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