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 gladiator quest

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PostSubject: gladiator quest   gladiator quest Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 2:14 am

req. 60 def, 60 att, 60 str. done duel arena quest.
Oh no! The khazard arena has re-opened, and theyve capyured you! the only way to escape is to become a gladiator and fight 5 battles against other gladiators, most of which are over lvl 170! To begin the quest, talk to the escaped gladiator outside the khazard arena. He will say that they forced him to fight and kill until he almost went insane. H e escaped however, and he wants revenge, by having you destroy it from the inside! While your about to enter in your khazard armor, a khazard guard catches you and puts you in the battlefield to fight a gladiator. Only he takes all your armor, weapons, (this includes runes and arrows) and food if you brought any (you get it back at the end of the quest) and replaces them with gladiator armor with black armor stats (note: you do not get to keep any of the armor you're given, but may buy it when you finish the quest) and a black gladiato swod. the gladiator is lvl 125, and relativly easy. Once you win, you're taken to a cell, and when you're ready to fight the next gladiator, you talk to the khazard guard. The next gladiator is lvl 150, and the armor and weapon you're given has the same stats as mithril. The fight is pretty tough, but only because of the armor and weapon you have to use. once you win, you're taken to the same cell, and must talk to the guard again to fight. This gladiator is lvl 200, and because of only having adamant weapons and armor, is a very tough fight. Once you win, you do the same routine. The next fight is a lvl 225 gladiator, and is extremly hard on account you've only got rune stat armor and weapons. Once you beat him, you again do the same routine. The last gladiator is lvl 270, and is EXTREMLY HARD since you only granit comparable armor and weapons, plus, this gladiator has some tricks up his sleeve. he can use two special attacks. one is where he traps you in his net and hit you with his trident thrice, and the other is where he runs at you with his scissor outstretched ( a scissor is a weapon that acts sort of as a gauntlet. it goes over you hand , and at the top of it, where you're fingers would be if they wer'nt inside the scissor, is a big blade like a pendalum, only it dosen't swing) and whacks you four times. once or IF you win this battle, you are put inside a DIFFERANT cell. as soon as you are put in, a drunk khazard guard with a few sticks of dinamite,a mace, and a tinderbox is walking by your cell, and talking to himself why he hates the commander for making HIM go blow up the tree gnome maze, but while he's walking by you, you trip him and when he falls to the ground K.Oed, the dinamite sticks, mace and tinderbox then fall into your cell. you use the mace to smash a hole in the wall for you to escape, then light the dinamite sticks and toss them in the cell. you run back to the escaped gladiator, and as he's about to ask you if you destroyed the arena, you see a huge mushroom cloud in the backround and hear a very large boom. end of quest.

rewards: ability to buy gladiator armor and weapons which equal up to dragon from the escaped gladiator,(note: you need the stats in the reqs. to wear the armor, as since gladiator armor is so heavy, it needs strength to wear it) plus 40,000 defence, attack, and strength
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PostSubject: Re: gladiator quest   gladiator quest Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 9:55 pm

Pretty nice, The quest sounds pretty awsome, but very challenging. Thats what I like in a quest.

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gladiator quest
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