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 My RuneScape Blog: The RuneScape Masters

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PostSubject: My RuneScape Blog: The RuneScape Masters   Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:41 am

As a sort of companion to my writings as a staff writer here, I've made a blog called the RuneScape Masters that showcases guides, tips and tricks for F2P RuneScapers. I update semi-weekly, sometimes with more than one post daily. Surprised

I recently wrote a three-part moneymaking guide, with two parts out on my blog (Piguy, you can look into those for your epic moneymaking guide) right now. I post tweets on Twitter whenever I put up a new post, so you can look at some of my older updates or go to to look at older articles. I have links there to the Rune Guys site and forums, too, along with a pretty generic poll, labels for my posts (which you can use to find topics you want guides for by just looking at all my posts I've tagged under that skill/place/category) and some contact info. Check it out!

Also, if you have your own RS blog out there, I'll follow yours and we can create a network of RuneScape blogs by the Rune Guys. That would be pretty cool. Cool

Oh yeah, and the link is on the part at the bottom of my post where it says "WWW", too.

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My RuneScape Blog: The RuneScape Masters
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