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 How to make a range pure

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PostSubject: How to make a range pure   Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:22 pm

I just recently made my own range pure (username: Echo Honor), and I have a guide that I will update as I level the account to higher range levels.
What to do first:
1. Complete the tutorial.
2. Use the two XP lamps for ranged. You will now have 7 Ranged.
3. Go north and do the Stronghold of Player Safety. Use both the XP lamps to get a Ranged level of 11.
4. Get the 10k cash and Safety Gloves.
5. Complete the Stronghold of Security through level 4. Don't worry, I did it for my level 3 skiller with no food or prayer whatsoever.
6. Head over to the Grand Exchange and use your 20k to buy all the bows you need through the maple bow (level 30).
7. Buy a green dragonhide set, open it, and resell the body (you need 40 Defense to wear it plus Dragon Slayer, and you're a pure).
8. Buy a whole bunch of bronze arrows with the rest of your money. You should have around 2k or so arrows.
9. Teleport to Lumbridge, go to a very low-populated world and go kill some chickens until you hit 15 Ranged. Bank the raws, you'll be using them for cows later.
10. When you hit 15, go to the cow field east of Lumbridge across the river and range the cows. You can bank their hides for some extra cash if you want to.

That's how I started off my range pure. If you make one, join the clan chat "Echo Honor" for a range pure clan chat. I'll be posting more in the future about how to level it up to 40 once I get to that level on EH.
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Posts : 283
Join date : 2008-09-22
Age : 22
Location : Minnesota

PostSubject: Re: How to make a range pure   Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:19 am

Okay, I just hit the level 30 Ranged mark on Echo Honor, so here goes. I'm going to list all the spots from level to level to train.

11-20: Cows (If you don't know why it starts at 11, read my previous post first) in the field east of Lumbridge, 8 HP. You can range over the fence if they are hitting too hard. Collect and bank the hides.

21-25: Men in the house in north Edgeville, 7 HP. Bank bones when you get a full inventory to earn some extra cash. You can range over the boxes in the center of the room fairly easily, and also corner-snipe.

26-30: Go to the first level of the Stronghold of Security and range the level 5 (5 HP), 11 (7 HP) and 13 (16 HP) goblins just south of the entrance. Or you could range the level 12 Minotaurs (10 HP), which often drop iron arrows. Range over the little black spiky-thing.

31-40: Dwarves in the Dwarven Mines, 16 HP, using the entrance by the Monastary. If you run low on HP, leave and go to the Monastary and the monks there can heal you. Alternatively, range scorpions by the usual Falador entrance to the Mines.

41-50: Range the level 27 Minotaurs in the first level of the SoS. Go to the southeast room to range, there's a safe spot.

- Always upgrade your Ranged armor and bows. It's cheap, but very effective. Remember, unless you get the Defense level up on your pure, you will be stuck with a leather body for your whole time, so I recommend getting 10 Defense for a hardleather body, or even 20 for a studded one.
- You don't need Defense levels for any type of chaps, vambraces or coif/cowl. You only need Defense levels for the bodies, i.e. green dragonhide bodies, studded hardleather bodies, hardleather bodies.
- Use bronze arrows until you hit level 40 Ranged. Then you want to use irons, which are a bit better but more costly. Or you could accumulate irons killing Minotaurs in the SoS level 1.

I'll post more when EH gets better.
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How to make a range pure
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