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 ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~

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~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Empty
PostSubject: ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~   ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 8:15 pm

~Near's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~

Welcome to my very extensive hunter guide. I hear many people say "Hunters boring" "Hunter is so dumb" "Three is no point to hunter" This is definitely not true. The best thing about hunter you ask, money. Hunter can make you very rich at the high levels, but ill talk about that later. Within this guide you will find instructions on every skill in hunter and how to do them.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Hi

~Update log~

4/25/08 ~ Finished Impetuous Impulses section, Added Ogre area map, made quick find feature.
3/13/08 ~ Started work on recreating guide

~Table of Contents~

As this is an extensive guide, press ctrl+F and enter any of the following in to the bar to jump to that section.

I. ~Getting Started~
II. ~Bird Snaring~
III. ~Tracking~
IV. ~Butterfly Netting~
V. ~Dead Fall~
VI. ~Net Trapping~
VII. ~Pit Fall~
VIII. ~Falconry~
IX. ~Box Trapping~
X. ~Hunter Clothes~
XI. ~Impetuous Impulses~
XII. ~Money Money Money~
XIII. ~Q and A~
XIV. ~Conclusion~

~Getting started~

The first thing you should know about hunter is, what hunter is! Hunter by definition is the art of tracking and trapping the creatures of Runescape. Hunter is trained inside of hunter areas which are marked with this paw print.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Pawprint

These are the maps of all the hunter locations


~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Arctic

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Woods

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Desert

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Jungle


~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Netmap1

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Netmap2

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Netmap3

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Netmap4


~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Elfmap


(pic needed)

The next thing you need to do is to stock up on supplies. There are two hunter stores in Runescape. One in Nardah, in the desert, and one in Yanell. I suggest you go to the one in Yanell as it is much easier, but both shops have the same stock.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Hunterstore

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Hunterstore2

I suggest that you buy these numbers of these things:

1 Noosing Wand
1 Butterfly Net
1 Teasing stick
3 Rabbit Snares
5 Bird Snares
8 Butterfly Jars
8 Box Traps

You are now ready to hit the hunting grounds.

~Bird Snaring~

Bird Snaring is a very easy skill. First you find the birds that you want to trap. Second you stand under/near them and click a bird snare in your inventory. What you should have is this.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Birdsnar1

Eventually, one of three things will happen. your trap will be sprung, but not catch a bird or your trap will collapse. In either case, pick up the trap and try again. The third thing obviously is that you will catch a bird.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Birdsnar2

If you catch a bird. Click on the trap. You will be rewarded with XP, bones, raw bird meat, and feathers.


Ok, this is one of the harder skills to understand. Hang with me as I will try my best. The best way to understand though is to go try it.

the first thing you need to do is to find a den.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Tracking1

next click on it. you will see tracks leading out from the den.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Tracking2

Next, follow the tracks until they stop. You must now search things around where the tracks stopped to continue on the path. Use common since. Here the tracks stopped at the entrance to a tunnel, so I should search tunnel exits. When you find the right item, the tracks will continue.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Tracking3

And continue...

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Tracking4

Eventually you will be led to a disturbed patch of earth. if you search it, you will get a message like the one in my chatbox.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Tracking5

Now, with Noosing Wand equip, right click and select "Attack" if you succeed, you will get XP, fur, raw beast meat, and bones.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Tracking6

~Butterfly Netting~

Butterfly netting is a simple skill that has good rewards for team combat games. to start, you will need a butterfly net and some butterfly jars. With your net equip, simply click on the butterfly you want to catch.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Butterfly1

Your reward is a butterfly in a jar. They can be used just like potions on other players to boost some of their attributes. They are good for games like Castle Wars.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Butterfly2


Deadfall is a comical hunter method that involves squishing kebits under large rocks. To start you will need logs and a knife in your inventory. You will also need to find an area with a large rock.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Deadfall1

To set up your trap just click on the rock with the logs and knife in your inventory. it should look like this.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Deadfall2

When a kebit goes under, the rock will fall and kill it. you can then click the rock and gather your reward. you will get xp, bones, and, in this case, some claws.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Deadfall3

~Net Trapping~

Net trapping is a fun but involved process. All but the orange salamanders are caught at different locations then the normal hunting grounds. please refer back to the map section for these maps.

You will need a SMALL net and a rope to start. you will need to find the young trees at each location, and click on them with net and rope in your inventory to set up a trap.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Net1

Next, wait....

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Net2

When a salamander trips the trap he will either be caught or mess up your trap. a caught salamander looks like this.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Net3

Your reward is a salamander that can be used as a weapon. You also get xp. Up until you can catch red chinchompas, this is a really good way to train.

~Pit Fall~

Pit fall is a really fun and active form of hunter. It not very good for training, but it sure is fun. You will need some logs, a knife, and a teasing stick. some food is also advisable.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Pitfall1

First click on the pits to set up the trap. It is important that you set up more then one trap. If you fail to catch the animal on one trap, you can’t lead him back over the trap immediately. With two, you can keep running back and forth until you get it.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Pitfall2

Next go poke at a big scary monster. he will run around and try to gore you. If you are not very good, this is where the food comes in. When he is following you. click a set trap to jump it.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Pitfall3

If you secede, the animal will walk onto the trap and be captured.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Pitfall4

If you fail, the animal will jump the trap and continue to attack you. you must now try at another pit.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Pitfall5

Your reward for this is XP and a fur. Furs can be made into came, but ill talk about that later. The "good furs" are more valuable, as they are the only thing that can make the awesome looking headdresses.


Next up is Falconry. This is a fun and good way to train your hunter. The falcon hunting area is located in the Wood hunter area. the entrance is around the back. You will need everything free on your hands and 500 coins to start. To begin speak with Matthias. He will give you a falcon that you can use.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Falcon1

Next it is pretty straight forward. Find a kebbit on the ground and click on it.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Falcon2

If you falcon catches it, a yellow arrow will appear at the spot of the kill. Just click on your falcon.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Falcon3

Your reward is XP, bones, and some fur that can be made into some cool capes and gloves. The gloves will greatly increase your chance of pick pocketing someone. the capes have a -4 and a -6 weight, so they lighten your load by a ton. More on how to get these items later.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Falcon4

~Box trapping~

So here we are. The big dance, the big money maker. Box Trapping. This is the fastest way to get XP. Especially with red chinchompas. This is a skill similar to bird snaring.

First find and area with chinchompas or red chinchompas.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Boxtrap1

Click your traps to set them up. Then wait for a Chinchompa to get caught in them. Your trap may also collapse or get triggered.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Boxtrap2

If you catch a Chinchompa, click on the trap to get your reward.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Boxtrap3

Your reward for this is XP and a chinchompa. The chinchompas themselves are very useful ranged weapon. the best part is, THEY ARE STACKABLE! This makes them excellent for grinding out XP at the higher levels. Below you will find why these tie in with money.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Boxtrap4

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Nearswordman
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Rune_g11
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Nearswordman

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~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~   ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 8:15 pm

~Hunter Clothes~

So now I will finally show you what to do with your hunter furs. The purpose of furs is to create camo and other items of use. Camo will increase your likelihood and speed of catching animals. Every item from hunter has a use for other skills, or just for better game play. Take your furs and some coins to the Fancy Dress Shop in Varrok. It is the circled shop on this map.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Huntershop

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 07Sep17-2059.39

Here is the stock along with prices and fur requirements. REMEMBER: Items have a certain level you have to have to ware them. Check the hunter skill detail in the game for these.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 07Sep17-2100.03

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 07Sep17-2100.39
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 07Sep17-2101.30
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 07Sep17-2101.43

~Impetuous Impulses~

Impetuous Impulses, or II as I call it, if a fun minigame that involves catching implings, then looting them for items. The prizes range form bow strings form the baby imps all the way up to dragon items from the Dragon Imps. The grand prize is a loot of dragon arrow heads. It’s an easy 1.2M on the Grand Exchange!

To start you will need to find a crop circle in some wheat field to get in. The easiest ring to find is the one in the lost city of Zarnis.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 08Jan12-234712

To start you will need a butterfly net and some imp jars. Your first items can be obtained by talking to the gnome in the very center of the maze. The two items in blue, the magic net and the jar generator, and optional and rewards that you can get to make the game easier.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Inventoryforii

The gnome has a trading system which lets you trade certain combinations of imps for certain items.

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 08Jan12-234741

From the top down, the items are:

~Imp repellent: used to make imp jars, but it’s pretty pointless, as I will explain later

~Magic butterfly net: makes catching butterflies and imps easier. Get one!

~Jar generator: will make you butterfly and imp jars on the spot. This is very useful and its how all experienced players get their jars. One reason imp repellent is pointless.

~Imp Jars: the sweetest thing if you don’t have the generator. You can trade any one imp for three jars. the main reason why imp repellent is pointless.

The next thing is the actual game. Basically it’s like this. You right-click to push threw the wheat. After that you run around and look for the imps you want to catch. The higher level, the better loot. After you catch an imp by clicking on it, just click the jar to get the item. below are a picture of and imp in a jar (left) the loot from that imp (right).

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 08Jan12-234858~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ 08Jan12-234901

So that’s pretty much II. There is also a big money making scheme here too, but ill save it for the money section.

~Money Money Money~

Now the moment that you have all been waiting for. The money aspect of hunter is this. It mainly centers around Red Chinchompas. They are an amazing ranged weapon. Good for quick training. Basically they are the Dragon bones of ranged. Because of this, they sell for a good price. the price is usually between 750-800gp each on the Grand Exchange. I can catch about 250 and hour at level 82. This adds up very quickly and at higher levels you can get 150k in about 15 minutes of work. That’s some pretty easy money.

The other way is to play II. There are people in RS who will buy Dragon imps off the GE in hopes of looting them for dragon arrow heads and making some very quick money. Because of this, you can sell the imps in the jars for about a guaranteed 500k. Yes you could make more, but if you loot the imp, there’s about a 90% chance that the profit form the item will be less then 100k. I prefer to take the guarantied 500k.

~Q and A~

If you have any questions about hunter at all, please make a post and ask. I will copy it into the guide and give my answer.


Well that is some of my wealth of knowledge on the hunter skill poured out for the masses. I hope that this will help you in your hunting endeavors and thank you for reading this, my masterpiece.


~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Nearswordman
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Rune_g11
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Nearswordman
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PostSubject: Re: ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~   ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2008 8:05 am

When I become a member again, I'm doing Hunter.

RuneScape Usernames: Avalon512, Tren 1000, 13th Dynasty, Azackar, Echo Honor
Currently: Training Crafting on Avalon512 ---- Skiller Clan Chat: Tren 1000

~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Avalon512
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Avalon512
~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Avalon512
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~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~   ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 3:51 pm

thank you for this guide It has been very helpful =D
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PostSubject: Re: ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~   ~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~ Icon_minitime

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~~Nearswordman's Ultimate Guide to Hunter~~
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