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 PvP World Rant Repost

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PostSubject: PvP World Rant Repost   PvP World Rant Repost Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 5:18 pm

This is just a forum version of the PvP world rant that was read on episode 4 or 5.
Reminder: This was written before the PvP worlds update, so don't complain about things that I said that were wrong or stupid. I had no idea what the update was going to be like.

I'm going to start off with my opinion about the future update. I personally think PKing over the whole of RuneScape is a little odd. The Wilderness is such a natural terrain to put PKing in, and I think that placing PKing back, but in the whole RuneScape world, not just the Wildy, is a mistake. Dozens of new players to the game might accidentally go on a PKing world, only to find themselves "dead" in minutes. At least in the Wilderness there was a ditch for you to cross with a warning. Let's at least hope that Lumbridge is safe, because if it isn't, then nowhere is… literally.

Now I'll list my pros and cons of the issue, and how they might affect players PKing, etc.


· Players who quit when the Wilderness was removed originally might come back again as members, because of the advanced equipment for members (and, hence, more fun PKing). This means that JaGeX will get support from P2P members and will get funding for more new game content.

· Players who started before the removal of the Wilderness will now get a chance to experience the "glory days" of RuneScape, and players who were a low enough level when PKing was around not to be able to kill anybody will probably now be able to.

· Skilled enough clans of players will be able to "take over" towns in the game, killing anybody who comes in and creating a good way for profit.

· The new-ish graphics in the game will make the Wilderness and all PKing a joy to watch.

· PKing offers good XP for those trained enough to master getting XP off it.

· YouTube will be flooded with new PKing videos, which could possibly be a con as well, but if they're correctly made, they're real fun to watch. But believe me, it'll be hard to find the next Sosolid2kk video…


· If I'm going to PK, like I said, the Wilderness would be my favorite place to do so. It just seems natural- a black, barren place. Seems PvP-like to me. I mean, I'll probably still PK (if I do) in the other areas, but the Wilderness seems the most natural to me, and I'm sure it will to other players. Maybe JaGeX could make themed worlds for PKing in certain cities, like a "Falador PKing" themed world, or a "Wilderness PKing" world.

· Like I also said, new players might accidentally go on PKing worlds and find themselves killed a few seconds after logging on, and the special "PKing Worlds" JaGeX promised might be something else to new players (Player Kidnapping, Pony Kidding [LOL that was dumb], etc.).

· With the Lumbridge gates as the gateway to safety, some mages and rangers (and possibly some melees) might take advantage of that. They might emerge from the gates, attack people until threatened, then return into the gates, then retrieve food from the bank and repeat what I said prior.

So, in short, the upcoming update will be both good and bad, but I think that the goods outweigh the bads. In the meantime, I'd better get up my Strength and make my mage a wind blaster as opposed to Fire Bolt…

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PvP World Rant Repost Avalon512
PvP World Rant Repost Avalon512
PvP World Rant Repost Avalon512
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PvP World Rant Repost
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