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 Sailing Skill Idea Repost

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PostSubject: Sailing Skill Idea Repost   Sailing Skill Idea Repost Icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 5:19 pm

This is a repost of the Sailing skill email I sent in to the podcast for episode 4 or 5.
Note: The image on the front page has changed, but I'm sure you could find the sailing guy image somewhere.

Hey, Ben and Grant,
I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on the possibilities of a new Sailing skill, or if you’ve ever heard of this. In case you didn’t know about this, some people are sharing theories on JaGeX making a new skill- Sailing. Here’s some of my thoughts about this:
-If you reread the article they recently released, “Future PvP Updates,” at the bottom of the news article is an announcement that they are working on a new, far more challenging quest than even Recipe for Disaster. They state that it’s already had more development time than RfD and is slated for release in early 2009. They’re also saying that they’ll be dropping hints all over the RuneScape site about the quest…
-This leads me to an inquiry- what exactly do they mean by, “hints?” Then I saw the picture on the homepage’s banner. The warrior in the picture is wearing a strange skillcape of some sort. You may first assume it’s a Magic skillcape, but, no, the Magic skillcape is a lighter blue. The color of the cape is different than any other skillcape in the game. But this isn’t the strangest part- if you zoom in on the picture, the icon on the cape looks almost like a… sailboat? Not only that, but he’s in a boat. Think about it- someone wearing a skillcape of Sailing- in a boat. It makes sense.
-Just for three minutes after the new HD graphics and new site were released last July, something odd appeared in the Highscores section- directly underneath Summoning in the personal Highscores was the word Sailing, as a skill, with a little sailboat picture on the icon place. But here’s the question- did they mean to put it up (perhaps to test the picture to see if it worked?) or was it up by accident (perhaps a computer coding for the HD graphics messed up a code hiding the icon and text?)?
- The in-game world map. Huh??? I know, it sounds weird, but it makes sense. Imagine you’re sailing the high seas of RuneScape in your trusty schooner. But wait! You’re lost in the ocean. Rather than opening a new window and finding the World Map from a link on the site, you can just refer to it in-game! Not only that, but areas of the map that were previously black and had no detail in them have now been replaced with sea areas on the map. Perhaps new areas for the skill? I don’t know, but that’s what it seems like to me.
- Cannonballs in QuickChat. When you select Smithing from the Skills list, you can select the metal (bronze, iron, steel, etc.) and there will be an option to smith a cannonball from the “Would You Please Smith Me…” or “I Am Smithing…” lists of any of the regular RS metals. Cannonballs could be used for ship warfare, and would require a certain Sailing level to add to your ship!

Now that I’ve listed the reasons why I think Sailing will be a skill, just imagine its uses.
- Whole new areas and minigames for the skill.
• A sailing Wilderness, where players can attack each other’s ships with the cannonballs I mentioned earlier, or a Clan Wars sort of minigame with Sailing, with fleets of ships attacking each other based on the color of their sails to tell who’s their teammates.
• Another transportation system. Sure, canoes can go pretty fast, but only up rivers. Charter boats, like from Port Sarim to Karamja, etc., need a fee. But with Sailing, you could go anywhere in the ocean!
• You could get XP by building your ship, and adding beds and other things to a Captain’s Cabin would be pretty dang cool!
Thanks for your time with the email. I know it’s long, but I wanted to prove things about this skill for discussion on the podcast.

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Sailing Skill Idea Repost Avalon512
Sailing Skill Idea Repost Avalon512
Sailing Skill Idea Repost Avalon512
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Sailing Skill Idea Repost
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